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After being released in 2015, the YouTube Kids kid-friendly video sharing platform has finally begun to be accessed in Indonesia. The YouTube Kids app can be downloaded by Android and iOS device users in the country starting today, September 6, 2018. 

Unlike ordinary YouTube, YouTube Kids gives parents access to control the viewing of their children that is adjusted according to age and educational experience. "Our top priority will be to provide the best experience for families and children to access a wealth of family-friendly content," said Head of Kids and Learning Partnerships, YouTube Asia Pacific, Don Anderson. 


 YouTube Kids kid-friendly video sharing platform has finally begun to KNOW YOUTUBE KIDS
YouTube Kids
There are a number of special features that can be enjoyed. Like the bright design typical of children to make it easier to find Nuara TV or the latest videos on Kids TV Indonesia. There is also a National Geographic Kids channel that reviews the lives of fauna and children's favorite videos from the Kastari and Keira Charma channels. 

Indonesian families can download the YouTube Kids app on Google Play in this link and the Apple App Store in the following link. How to choose a channel In a written statement that is received. 

YouTube Kids will offer other channels from subjects of arts and crafts, music, sports, learning, and so on. Also read: Parents Now Easier to Monitor Children's Watch with YouTube Kids How to choose a channel, just enter the profile settings, then choose from available collections, for example Seasame Workshop or PBS Kids. 

"We have made it easy to start using the YouTube Kids app. When parents open YouTube Kids, we explain how our system selects and recommends content and how to mark videos," Don Anderson said. 

As said before, YouTube Kids gives parents control over their children's viewing. One of them, they often deactivate and reactivate YouTube Kids search to limit the content that is watched by children. "We look forward souvenir tumbler murah, beli aja di to YouTube Kids. 

We really need applications that are safe, positive, and healthy that are truly child-friendly, in which children can jump in and watch good content, "said Lenggogeni Halilintar, mother of YouTube family Gen Halilintar. Parents also have the right to create a YouTube account profile for their children. 

In addition, parents can also change their YouTube account passwords even though their children have the right to create their own passwords. YouTube Kids also provides a timer to limit watch time. 

Don Anderson promises to develop the YouTube Kids ecosystem more broadly by bringing local and global content to Indonesia. "We are excited to bring YouTube Kids to Indonesia and look forward to your idea so that we can help your family explore, learn, and be entertained better," he concluded. 

YouTube Kids has been launched in 37 countries and watched more than 70 billion times with 14 million active weekly viewers. This application is the fifth best application in the category of children's applications.


HOW TO GET A HIGH CPC VALUE - Many Publishers are friends of blogger who complain with a low cpc value. Indeed, for the Indonesian territory, the majority of ads displayed on our website or blog tend to be small, but even so, we can get around with various tips to get the value of a click high blog.

The value of CPC or also called the CPC (Cost Per Click) will greatly affect the income of Adsense, each blog or website will have a CPC value that varies with each ad that appears the same. Why is that?


Lots of factors that influence the high or low value of the Adsense CPC, but one of the dominant factors that is most prominent is the quality of content from the blog itself.

With quality content will have more influence on the appearance of Adsense ads that are more relevant so that the potential to get high click prices.

Determinants of High and Low AdSense Revenue
Some of the things below have an effect on the low level of CPC Adsense, this factor may originate from blog managers and a little knowledge of Adsense ads.

Use of a template or theme on a blog

Use responsive and mobile friendly templates and clean appearance.
Use blog navigation that is good and right.

Provide adequate ad space so that display ads can be seen directly for visitors.

Placement of Adsense ads that are not true

Many publishers underestimate the placement of advertisements, which causes the value of advertising to be irrelevant in the eyes of visitors and causes the value of adsense ads to be low.

Note the ad placement policies that have been set by the Adsense, this will give more value to the value of CPC ads on your blog.

Okay, we continue, surely my friend has already learned how to increase adsense earnning, right, by the way:

1. Removing low-value CPC on your adsense

Google Adsense has two types of ads: there are low-cost ads and high-paid ads.

Adsense serves this ad by checking the quality of your website. However, you can manually eliminate the Adsense CPC ads by using the ad filter tool available in your Adsense account.

2. Placing ads that fit on the template

The layout of the ads is good, that is, advertisements that appear on every part of your blog or website, above the posts in the sidebar, the middle of the posts and that the posts keep trying to load the blog fast or fast 

3. Place an ad in the area that is clicked by the user 

The Google Adsense team released the Adsnese heatmap that tells the best Adsense ad position for common website templates. 

Below this will be the Adsense heatmap which is the same. The dark red part is the hottest location for Adsense ads, then the orange area and then the yellow light section. Try to follow your best.


4. Choose ad sizes wisely

The most popular ad sizes are advertisers with 720 × 90, 300 × 250 and 160 × 600. This ad size has a lot of advertiser competition so that this has a very high CPC ad size.

5. Ad type

Many publishers avoid textual advertisements such as multimedia (image / flash) advertisements that are more attractive to their sites or vice verses. However, it is recommended to use text & image-based advertisements because that will also increase competition among advertisers, so the height is very high.

6. make use of custom channels

Custom channels that are given to groups of your ad units. You can create a custom channel (for example, Tech page) and for that ad unit, you will use on your technology page, select this channel as a custom made ad unit. That's an ad group. So advertisers will have no choice only to bid for one place, but also to bid for the entire advertising channel.

While creating custom channels, in the keyword field, place the most expensive keywords in your market niche.

7. take care of the location of advertisements

As per Google Adsense policy, you can place up to 3 ad units on a web page. Usually, the first ad unit has the highest CPC than the second and then the third. So, don't nail it. 

Use the most popular ad units in the first location, Say 720 × 90 or 300 × 250 ad units. The location will also generate more clicks for the ad.

8. improve the quality of your website

Add quality content to your website. Optimizes for SEO for expensive keywords. Try to get more backlinks from high authority sites. Follow current SEO trends and Google's quality standards. 

This will increase domain authority, page authority and help you to get high PageRank by placing a direct effect on CPC Adsense ads.

9. Get more quality traffic

Observe the Adsense report and you will get to know which country has a high CPC for Adsense. Focus on getting more crossing over from high-Bpk countries. You can check the ready-made stat from one of the experienced Adsense publishers here: cpl rank by country.

10. See also Tips

Don't block ad categories. I know there are several categories of violence / sensitive to Adsense than you can block out the past (like black magic, gambling, drugs & supplements, dating, etc.) do not prevent them from going to lower competition or adverts. Because of that, lowering Mr.

Try to avoid unit links. Large link units, placing them on the sidebar or under the navigation bar lead to click-through rates that are high but the ads have low CPCs. So, if that is not benefited

You to get more, delete it from your website. That doesn't only take off clicks but it also lowers your overall CPC.
Use Google DFP. Double-click for the publisher (DFP) may allow you to directly serve ads and adsense ads in the same ad slot, depending on the high costs. So, placing direct ads costs a little high, it will increase competition in the ad slots, so Adsense, to take over the ad slots, will start displaying more expensive ads. Do it carefully!

Number of ad units. If you can place only two ad slots on a web page (you can do an experiment to check if it's helpful or not). Lowering the number of ad units can only result in a higher CPC.

Carry out an experiment. Continue to experiment with ads of different sizes, different ad formats, etc. I know! Maybe you will end up finding new Adsense optimization tricks.

Now let's look at how to check adsense cpc that is low in character:

1. Please enter your AdSense ads to your friends via

2. Pilih tab allow & Block Ads

3. On the All my site tab select the Ad Network tab >> See the best part, select the All block

4. Open the site as follows paste the ad network

Now my friend is just looking for an ad network that pays handsomely in each ad that is displayed on my blog, sorry, the tutorial is messy, I didn't focus, just coming home from this field, my body feels broken, so it will help later, I will definitely update it, thank you.


Tips for Choosing SEO Services -  Currently, there are quite a lot of websites that provide SEO services. So many, it is not surprising that blog and website owners are actually confused in choosing the best. 

As is well known, the existence of SEO or search engine optimization is very closely related to the development of websites on the internet today. 


 Blog and website owners are actually confused in choosing TIPS TO CHOOSE SEO SERVICES
search engine optimization
Because all website owners certainly have the desire and are competing so that their site or blog becomes the most important on the search engine pages, some specific keywords. 

The goal of course is so that many internet users who visit their website. In choosing an SEO service provider, there are several tips you should do.

The first tips are to choose SEO services that provide free services to conduct a brief analysis of the keywords that you are targeting and the level of competition for niche websites. Make sure that the services you choose have special services for this consultation activity. 

If the service provider is not able to do a brief website analysis and force you to provide additional budget rates, then it's good if you rethink to look for other services. The next tips will not be easily tempted by the price of optimization that is too cheap. 

Indeed, cheap prices are a thing that is tempting to every person. But in choosing the services of SEO providers, you must pay attention to the quality, facilities and services that are provided as they are because of the price. 

Compare between A, B, C and other service providers so that you can judge for yourself the services that offer prices according to the quality and service.

The next tips will be just pay attention to the testimonials given by previous customers. 

This is very important so that you can describe whether or not the SEO service provider chosen is qualified. 

Make sure also the testimonials that you read are genuine from previous customers. 

Not fake testimonials that intentionally posted to influence each prospective customer. To make sure the testimony is genuine or fake, you can ask it directly to the person who gave the positive testimony. 

Thus reviews related to tips on choosing SEO services, as this information is useful for you.

Tips and Tricks for Success in Blogging

Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Success in Blogging success. 2 words that describe the achievement of a desire in something. Any of you who don't want success? Surely you will always crave success with what you are trying for now.

In achieving success, we will not escape from the name of struggle, perseverance and even sacrifice. If you ever fail, don't give up and despair, friend. If you really mean it will be achieved. Persevere and have mercy on your knees is the best way to succeed. 

In the world of blogs, many of the Indonesian and foreign bloggers who have succeeded in making huge profits from their work are no longer the hobbies of this.

Many of them have had success in relatively young people with income of as much as $ 1000 per month. But for you who are struggling to pursue your hobby, do not rush to ambition to succeed.  

Why? Because if you are ambitious at the beginning, you will feel bored with your struggle in blogger. In the world of bloggers, visitors and assistance from various websites that offer advertisements such as Google Adsense and some that are very influential for you in bloggers. 

We have all struggled to pursue our hobby friends .. Like you, I am the same, even though there is a deep ambition to be successful in this field. Moreover, the most great job is that a hobby is paid, right? Well we need to contemplate it ... 

Okay friends, in this post, I will give a few tips and tricks and strategies for success on the Blog. It will also be realized with God's Power. Intend if you really really successful.  

Pray to your Lord that He will give you smoothness. In ѕеtіар Religion must be taught to pray, so .. Then pray to Him. I have God to be grateful and you have God to be grateful. 

These tips and tricks are:

Make Your Writing ѕеbаgаі Your Practice

Don't hesitate to make your writing ѕеbаgаі money first friends. That is, intent on doing everything for the good and helping one another. The reward is for good and for good, so intend for good.

Make friends with the website advertising website

Well, this is quite important, friend. Try to follow in the footsteps of successful bloggers who mostly rely on advertisements like Google Adsense and Adfly. Because this is where the results of your sweat will flow friend. 

Don't be too hasty in writing

In writing posts such as Tutorials and News, of course you should pay attention to friends. Yeah, if there are humans sometimes typing letters incorrectly. However, it is necessary to understand the impact that might occur friends, and also .. Be careful of your copy paste. Include references ...

Create more websites in one blogger account

Well, the one that might be a little complicated friend. But if you have a number of websites like I have a website or a website, visitors will find it easier to choose topics that they like, like Sports Websites and Websites for Download or Multimedia. 

Of course, there will be more visitors, right? However, for tips on this one, I suggest you have to have another writer to support your career smoothly, friend. So, it won't be too tired. 

Learning and Interacting with bloggers will also post and comment

As a blogger who is developing, we certainly need a lot of learning from bloggers, friends, how their strategies, so many tactics they have and how much they are successful.  

That's important to us. Interacting with the comments рun ѕаngаt is good for your knowledge of ѕеѕuаtu friends. All you have to do is exchange links and share information like sharing or making it your reference. 

Don't lose with the process

Well, this last tip is a tip that kills a lot of writers from the Blog world. Why not? Success is not an instant friend. Especially like a blog that only relies on advertising and visitor strategies. 

Here we are required to continue working. And of course you already know about Google Adsense's policy policies that make most of the most popular bloggers .. 

In essence, if you are successful, the key is that after using advertisements, you must be active, committed and diligent in supporting your career on a friend's blog. 

Maybe it's just that I can share with you guys. Never give up, keep on working, As Successful.  

Pyramid Link Building Reviews

Getting to know Pyramid Link Building - This article is related to backlinks, link building must be understood beforehand. If you are rumored to have been of high quality, then your status will also be socially reduced. But sometimes we need people like that, but not directly to increase our popularity.

pyramid-link-building - Pyramid Link Building is like selecting links from non-quality quality. Again, this is not a natural way and even Google will not approve it if it is not done naturally.  

If your content is good, naturally Pyramid Link Building will naturally occur. But this time we do it deliberately as if the process is natural. Once again, this is just to "outsmart" the natural process. 

And this concept is a wild concept, not official, there are many variations, as every SEO practitioner has his own understanding according to experience. As long as I, a number of articles that I read and experience teaching SEO courses during this time.

Tier 1, some sites that lead directly to the Main Site. Sites in Tier 1 have good quality content.

Tier 2, the sites that lead directly to Tier 1. The sites in Tier 2, the quality of the content is not very good, because it is generated in many machines.

Tier 3, backlinks (not only sites, especially social media) lead to sites in Tier 2. Look for as many backlinks as possible.

We can see, though the process is rather complicated. You have to search or even make a lot of sites to make levels of these tiers. If you don't have time, of course you can pay people who have built a level of pyramid like above.

To play like this, you must control your emotions and be patient. Do not just want to be instant, although this method is also an instant method. But if we are not careful, the Main Site and you will be a victim on the blacklist like Google, crossed out so that your site will not appear again in the Google search engine.

Once again, this is a concept that was created by an experienced SEO practitioner. Master your knowledge in advance with the right and correct.

And you will play it safe and patient. For any quality, many and interesting articles, promote as many media and online forums as possible so that the pyramid link building will be created by itself. This is the preferred method by Google. Slowly but sure and consistent growth. Not in the extreme, well, this is suspected by Google. As if you were poor, suddenly after being an official of wealth increased.